Specialized care in Colorado Springs

The Vascular Center of Colorado is a suite within both Penrose Hospital and St. Francis Hospital.

We have a highly trained, experienced group of cardiologists who specialize in heart catheterizations, electrophysiology, TAVR, and MitraClip procedures. In addition, our interventional radiologists perform complex IR procedures to include: diagnostic exams, embolizations, and interventions. With our growing neuro program, we’re able to treat strokes and aneurysms.


Interventional Radiology

IR allows us to diagnose and treat cancer and other conditions without surgery.

Cardiac Heart Catheterizations

With catheters, we can conduct tests or deliver treatment to the heart, valves, and vessels.

Neurology & Stroke Care

Our growing Neuro program treats patients suffering from strokes and aneurysms.


We study the electrical activity of the heart and determine the best treatment.

Device Clinic

We specialize in the placement and care of implantable devices, including pacemakers.

Trusted by our patients

Join an environment of patient-centered care, teamwork and excellence.